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How to use Get Effect Pvalues in JSL?

I try to use Get Effect Pvalues to identify the effect pvalues from a nominal fit model's effect summary. Unfortunately, it could not work.

Model = PreviousFitmodel << Run ;

P = Model << Get Effect PValues;




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Re: How to use Get Effect Pvalues in JSL?

The Get Effect PValues message is only available to the Least Squares and the Parametric Survival Personalities for the Fit Model Platform.  Here is an example from the Scripting Index to show it's usage:

Names Default To Here( 1 );
dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/VA Lung" );
obj = Fit Model(
	Y( :Time ),
	Effects( :Age, :Diag Time ),
	Personality( Parametric Survival ),
	Censor( :censor ),
	Run Model
p = obj << Get Effect PValues;
Show( p );

I am not sure what your "PreviousFitmodel" refers to.  I assume it is not invoking a Fit Model Platform.

The Effects Summary pValues for any of the other platforms can always be extracted by messaging the Effect Summary Table Box(), and using the << get message for the appropriate column in the Table Box()

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