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How to set layout title?

How do I change a title to a newly created layout window?


Current Data Table() << layout;

Creates a new layout window titled "Layout:Untitled1"


Re: How to set layout title?

A workaround I found works like this:

It grabs a reference to the last created Display Box window and sets a new title

A more elegant way will be greatly appreciated

Re: How to set layout title?

You can use the Current Window function. The trick is that it has to be submitted from a script launched from a button or menu. For example:

Current Data Table() << Layout;
Current Window() << Set Window Title("New Title");

will change the Layout window name. Note that if you run the above directly from a script, it will change the script window name to New Title because it would be the Current Window.

Hope this helps,

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Re: How to set layout title?

Thank you for your reply, but unfortunately I could not get it to work. If I run from the script window I get an error and if I run it form a menu item (scripts assigned to an item) layout stays "untitled".

For now I'm sticking with my own solution mentioned above.
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