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How to set a label top layer when drawing a mapping

As the picture show, it is a wafer mapping drawing with Graph Builder .Now i want to show some dies information lke ID &value.

So the problem is that the label is sheltered by the background markers. How can i set these labels top layer . I need your help.


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Re: How to set a label top layer when drawing a mapping

Have you considered using the tooltips?


dt = NewTable("Map",

  NewColumn("x", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(RandomInteger(1, 20))),

  NewColumn("y", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(RandomInteger(1, 20))),

  NewColumn("Label 1", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(RandomInteger(1, 5))),

  NewColumn("Label 2", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(RandomInteger(1, 5))),



Column(dt, "Label 1") << Label;

Column(dt, "Label 2") << Label;

// (1) Mouse over some points to see the tooltip.

// (2) Move to the right of the tip to make it persist using the red pin.

// (3) Right click on the tip to see how you can change its properties (colours, tag line etc.).

// (4) Save the Graph Builder script to see how to do this in JSL if you need to

gb = dt << Graph Builder(

  Size( 530, 454 ),

  Show Control Panel( 0 ),

  Variables( X( :x ), Y( :y ) ),

  Elements( Points( X, Y, Legend( 5 ) ) ),


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