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How to remove or hide the names attached to normal quantile plot curves?


Community Trekker


Nov 1, 2014

Using JMP10, I have many different curves (distributions) in a single normal quantile plot, each with rather long names which overlap and become unreadable.  I can use colors and symbols with a legend table to distinguish the curves.  How to hide or remove the names next to each curve?   There are many curves so I want to avoid editing one-by-one.


Community Trekker


Feb 27, 2012

Hi Jeric,

I know in older versions of JMP, one could accomplish this by right-clicking on the desired label and removing it.  I made a request to re-add this feature for future versions of JMP.  You can help by "Liking" my request submission here: What is your JMP wish for the new year? (search for my user name, about 3/4 way down).

From JMP 10, here is the best way I have found to deal with the problem.  I hope this helps.

Right-click in the graph window, select Customize, select Text, then set Transparency to 0.

In a script, it looks like this:

Names Default To Here( 1 );

dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );

one = dt << Oneway(

  Y( :height ),

  X( :sex ),

  Plot Quantile by Actual( 1 ),



  {"Normal Quantile Plot"},

  "Oneway QuantilePlot",


  {DispatchSeg( TextSeg( 1 ), {Transparency( 0 )} ), DispatchSeg( TextSeg( 2 ), {Transparency( 0 )} ),

  Row Legend(


  Color( 1 ),

  Color Theme( "JMP Default" ),

  Marker( 1 ),

  Marker Theme( "Solid" ),

  Continuous Scale( 0 ),

  Reverse Scale( 0 ),

  Excluded Rows( 0 )






Community Trekker


Nov 1, 2014

Thanks, R.   I have about 50 names on some graphs so it is too tedious to manually select each one and set to (0) but I will study to adapt the script.