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How to plot variability chart using data filter ?

Hello everyone,

I have one table in which i am  using data filtering one by one by selecting value from the table So, after data filtering i want to plot various variabilty chart. But it is not happening. Script is as follows:

dt1 = open("F:\");

dt2 = open("F:\");

for(i=1, i<=nrow(dt2), i++,

     df = dt1<< Data Filter(

       Add Filter(

       columns( :Mask ),

       Where(:Mask == Eval((trim(column(dt2, 1))))),

       Display(:ParameterId, Size( 221, 259 ), List Display )

       ), make subset


          df<<Variability Chart(

            Y( :Name( "CD-value" ) ),

            X( :Axis ),

            Analysis Type( Name( "Choose best analysis (EMS REML Bayesian)" ) ),

            Process Variation( 0 ),

            Show Grand Mean( 1 ),

            Std Dev Chart( 0 ),




Please give your valuable suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to plot variability chart using data filter ?

I think you'd want the index to be right after Column(), i.e. inside Trim(), not outside.


Where(:Mask == Eval(trim(column(dt2, 1)[i]))),