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How to make data cleaning using recode fuction with 2 columns parameter?


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Apr 11, 2016

Hello i'm newbie user, and wants to make data clening using recode function on JMP.

i have tried to watch tutorial video and read JMP guide book but still can't find how to cleaning data from 2 columns.

i hope someone could solve my problem. Thank you for your help.




Jun 23, 2011

'Recode' is designed to manipulate the values in a single source column. So I think the answer depends on what precisely you mean by 'cleaning data from 2 columns'. If it's not sufficient to treat each column separately, then I guess you need to combine them first, probably using some kind of JMP formula. Can you upload some sample data or give a screenshot of the two columns you want to manipulate, and some idea of what you want the result to be?


Staff (Retired)


Sep 10, 2015

Indeed as Ian@JMP​ mentions, in principle Recode is primarily a single column operation.  That said, the JMP dev's are pretty cool and smart guys, and have managed to sneak it into multiple column capabilities.

The following steps should help get into multiple column recodes.  Caution, columns will be subject to the same recoding as it is leveraging the standardize column attributes functions.

  1. Highlight columns of interest.
  2. Cols --> Standardize Attributes.
  3. Recode

11886_Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.22.45 PM.png

Now to see if this can be leveraged in JSL for numeric null to zero as this recode is faster than techniques I've seen in other posts such as