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How to make category names on box plot X axis visible?

Hi Guys,

I have multiple groups of data that I am plotting on a box plot and my problem is the category names at the end of the box plot window to the right are crammed and I cannot see them. Is there any way I can make these categores visible? I already did Rotated Tick labels and also tried to expand my box plots but I still cannot see the categores clearly. It almost looks like the data is on top of each other.


Super User


Jun 23, 2011

I'm guessing you are using Fit Y by X and that you have left the X axis in its default state. Try turning off (something like) Proportional Spacing for the x axis. Proportional Spacing spreads the tick marks proportional to the number of data points used for each category. This can sometimes cause some level lables to bunch up as you describe.
That worked,thanks.