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How to make JMP10-written code compatible with JMP7


I have to make code I wrote in JMP10 compatible with our systems that only have JMP7. When the code is ran, a table is pulled from a database, a user makes a date range, film, and tool selection. In JMP10, once the user makes the film/tool selection, a subset is then produced, but in JMP7, nothing happen after the dialog box opens up and the user picks from both parameters. I wrote the code such that the selections will be saved in the 'myFlilm' and 'myTool' variables, but when calling these, nothing is being saved.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and more generally, any advice in editing scripts to make them compatible between both versions we own. In this case, we are forced to use both based on whether the called-for databases are 32-bit or 640bit.



// Extract a list of unique films as set "a" and unique tools as set "b":

Summarize( a = By( :Film ) );

Insert Into( a, "<Select Film>", 1 );

Summarize( b = By( :Tool ) );

Insert Into( b, "<Select Tool>", 1 );


//remove empty values from tool list

For( i = N Items( b ), i > 0, i--, 

      If( b[i] == "",

            Remove From( b, i, 1 )



//remove empty values from film list

For( i = N Items( a ), i > 0, i--,

      If( a[i] == "",

            Remove From( a, i, 1 )



//Creates a dialog box to select both film and tool

New Window( "Example",


      H List Box(

            Panel Box( "Select a Film:",cb1 = Combo Box( a, <<SetFunction( Function( {this}, myFilm = this << Get Selected() ) ) )


            Panel Box( "Select a Tool:",cb2 = Combo Box( b, <<SetFunction( Function( {this}, myTool = this << Get Selected() ) ) )





Staff (Retired)

Re: How to make JMP10-written code compatible with JMP7

Take a look at Modal Windows which describes the older Dialog function.  The < < modal was introduced about JMP 10, I think, to make it possible to build modal dialogs similar to the way other JMP windows are built.  The dialog function uses a different syntax, and can probably do what you want in both 7 and 10.  It is deprecated, but still exists in JMP 13.

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