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How to load .CNT file?

I am using JMP8 software for analyzing EEG data. The file format is .CNT and I was unable to load the file in to the software for Time series analysis. Kindly help me.

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Jun 23, 2011

Re: How to load .CNT file?

That's a strange file type for a data file, .CNT typically is a content file for the MS Windows help system. Have you tried to look at the file in a text editor. If the content makes sense (e.g. data delimited by tabs or similar) then you can try to change the suffix to .txt. Text files can be imported into jmp. If you first need to rearrange data, you can to that either in the text editor or import into Excel.

Re: How to load .CNT file?

I tried that way but of no use. I want to do a time series analysis on that.

Re: How to load .CNT file?

forgot to tank you. I really appreciate your help.