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How to join 2 analyses in the same outlineboxe using “by” command

I just beggun in scripting so this may be a quite simple question.

I use the same “by” in 2 different analyses. As I need both analyses to compare results and make decision, I would like to have them side by side in the same outlineboxe. I think the easiest way would be to have one common “By” command for both analysis but I cannot figure out how to do that.
I cannot use the command “where” because the data in my table are susceptible to change very often.
All I succeed in is putting them side by side (using Hlistbox and Vlistbox).
Anyone has an idea?
(I hope I was clear, English is not my first language...)
hi Johanna,
Are you using JMP8?
if yes, how about attaching a data filter command above your 2 analysis (which is side by side).

The data filter command will allow user to interactively choose the valid column data that he/she wants to run through the 2 analysis.
here is another way (via scripting). It uses the big class example and aims to plot a distribution and one-way plot (appended side by side) for each sex M and F.

*calculates the number of unique items and build up the list of unique items
Current datatable(Datatable("Big Class"));
Summary(Group(:sex), N(:sex), output table name("Summary by sex"));
Current datatable(Datatable("Summary by sex"));
listofGroups=column(1)<groupnumber=N Items(listofGroups);
Datatable("Summary by sex") << close window;
Current datatable(Datatable("Big Class"));

*append each analysis via looping
combined=NewWindow("Height Analysis",Outlinebox("Height Analysis for sex",
hb = VListBox()));
hb << append(Outlinebox("Height Analysis for "||eval(listofGroups),
Stack( 1 ),
Continuous Distribution(
Column( :height ),
Horizontal Layout( 1 ),
Vertical( 0 ),
Normal Quantile Plot( 1 )
Where( :sex == eval(listofGroups) )
Y( :height ),
X( :age ),
Means and Std Dev( 1 ),
t Test( 1 ),
Box Plots( 1 ),
Mean Diamonds( 0 ),
Mean Error Bars( 1 ),
Std Dev Lines( 1 ),
Connect Means( 1 ),
Where( :sex == eval(listofGroups) )
Thanks a lot Wei Jian !
This script seems really interesting, but something is not working with the "Eval" command. I don't know what, but I keep on searching.
I am using JMP 8.0.1 , so maybe I can also try with the data filter...
oops, sorry about that..

'eval(listofGroups)' --> wrong, should be 'eval(listofGroups)'.
oops, sorry about that..

'eval(listofGroups)' --> wrong, should be 'eval(listofGroups [ i ] )'.

previously [ i ] was truncated, if there was no space between them...
I found what was wrong in the script just before, but anyways thank you so much, now I can move forward...

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