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How to get linked data tables to update

I'm trying to create a master data table that I can then create a subset from that's linked to this original table. I want to be able to add rows to the original data table and have those rows automatically populate into the subset.

However, when I add a row to the original data table, it doesn't appear in the subset that I created and linked. Is this not part of JMP's capabilities? Or am I missing a few steps in order to make this work?


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Re: How to get linked data tables to update

I have had the same problem!  I have found that if you add rows of data to your original data set, you also have to add rows to your JMP Data Table before updating using the Tables<Update function.  This was driving me crazy for a while until I figured it out.  If you simply change existing data and then use the Update function, everything is just fine.  appending data is another story until you figure it out.

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