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Aug 16, 2016

How to get data table from multiple sources of webs

Dear friends

I use JMP for a while but want to try advantage from scrape raw data from multiple sources of web pages. Then prepare integrated data set for graph plotting.

So can anyone help to suggest jsl command to grab data set from these sources, I try with "Open" but it not work for them.

1) Scrape stock historical price only close, volume? from Nasdaq at least 30 days period

1.1) AAPL

1.2) GOOG

2) Scrape news only title, description? from Nasdaq rss feed at least 1 day period

2.1) Stocks

2.2) Mutual fund

Thank you.


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Jun 22, 2012

Re: How to get data table from multiple sources of webs

The correct form of the open for your first reference is:

Open( "", HTML Table( 6 ) );

You need to go to

    File==>Internet Open

then enter in the URL you want to read from and then create the JMP table.  Go into the JMP table and open the "source" for the table and Edit it.  You will see the correct form of the Open statement when you do that