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How to determine the most appropriate model for a 2x2 factorial design, with three time points?


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Oct 11, 2017

My Y variable is say "degradation of a certain compound x".


I have two independent variables with two levels in each, so that gives me 4 treatments. In each treatment, I have 18 replicates of a sample, and I am sampling 6 replicates at one time point.


3 time points in total.  


I want to measure the differences between treatment combinations and time points. I have JMP Pro and would like to know which model fits most appropriately to my data set. 





Jun 5, 2014

Since you are running JMP Pro, I suggest using the mixed model capability native to JMP Pro. Here's a link to the JMP online documentation for mixed modeling in JMP Pro. There are lots of examples and helpful hints.