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How to create graph builder object with visual basic program

We can use the following code in VB program to create a Oneway analysis:

Sub CreateOneWay()
Dim JMPDoc As JMP.Document
Set MyJMP = CreateObject("JMP.Application")
MyJMP.Visible = True
Dim Oneway As JMP.Oneway
Set Oneway = JMPDoc.CreateOneway
Oneway.LaunchAddY (“Height” )
Oneway.LaunchAddX (“Age”)
Oneway.Quantiles (True)
Oneway.LaunchOneway.MeansAnovaT (True)
Oneway.MeansStdDev (True)
Oneway.UnequalVariances (True)
Oneway.NormalQuantilePlot (True)
Oneway.SetAlpha (0.05)
Oneway.Save (oscCentered)
Oneway.Save (oscStandardized)
Oneway.CompareMeans occAllPairs, True
Oneway.CompareMeans occEachPair, True
End Sub

So how to use this way create analysis by the Graph builder, such as do Boxplot chart?

I can't find Graph Builder object in JMP library reference.

I Want to use VB to Create Boxplot chart by Graph builder,how can do it?


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