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How to create a toolbar buttons shortcut for "save prediction formula" and for checking "goodness of fit"


I am trying to create a toolbar shortcut (icon) buttons for two functions I use repeatedly when I am creating prediction models.  Can someone help show me how to create the toolbar shortcut button for the following two items?

1)  Save Prediction Formulas

I would like to have a button I can click on to save the Prediction Formula (no matter what the modeling platform or personality I use).  Currently, after I create a model and after I evaluate the model's prediction diagnostics, I would choose the "Save Prediction Formula" option from the red triangle hotspot.  It would be a great time saver if I could simply click on the icon (just like how JMP 12 included an icon to save the script to the data table).

2)  Run Goodness-of-Fit Test (for all highlighted columns....mainly used for checking how well, normally distributed the residual plots are)

After I create a prediction model, I would evaluate certain model diagnostics (VIFs, RSquared, RSquared Adj, Residual Plots, etc.).  I would first save the residual plots as a new column.  I would then run the "Distribution"->Fit Continuous->Normal->Goodness of Fit test.  Again, if I had a toolbar button I can use to run this test, that would save me a lot of time.

Thank you.


FYI.  I tried using the "View->Customize->Menu and Toolbars" feature but I couldn't locate the Save Prediction Formula and Goodness-of-Fit test commands.  I tried using the scripting help but I am not familiar with the scripting language or how to use it correctly.

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