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How to build/share a library of formulae?

In my years of working with JMP, I've had to develop many complex formulae to help with the analyses I've done. I'd like to share these formulae with my coworkers. Does anyone have good way(s) to do this?

  • A .jsl file with all the formulae: users copy the JSL needed and paste into Formula Editor?

  • Some sort of add-in to create the formula column (for each case) and assign columns to be used?

  • Some other method?

Here are a couple of example formulae for some common calculations:

If(:ReactorRunTime == 0 & Lag(:ReactorRunTime, -1) > 0, Format(:Time, "ddMonyyyy:h:m"), :Name("Running?") == 1, Lag(:RunID, 1), Empty())

If(Row() == 1, 0, :Name("Running?") == 1, Lag(:ReactorRunTime, 1) + 0.1, 0)

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