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How to automate the printing of a Control Chart from JMP using JSL?


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Oct 11, 2015


I have  a need to print certain Control Charts and Process Monitors to a meeting room each morning.

The graphs are generated already using a scheduled script but it would help if the they could also be printed automatically using the same script.

Has anyone figured out how this can be done?

Best Regards,



Super User


Jun 23, 2011

This approach may work: Arrange your graphs in one or more windows and send << Print Window to the Window objects.

I have not tested that command and I am not sure about how it would handle printer problems for example.


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Oct 11, 2015

Hi MS,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Your solution is close but unfortunately I di not have control over the page layout nor the printer (the default is used).

Any further suggestions?






Apr 26, 2012

This is a script fragment that might be useful, I've probably lost the entire script I was using.

In this case I iterated through a list of columns to make a series of charts. I formatted the graph frame so that it printed the way I wanted for a particular printer.

For( i = 1, i < 11, i++,      //n+1 of the column names

colname = Expr( ilist[i] );

cc = Expr(

Control Chart(

Sample Label( :Name( "Year-Month" ) ),

Sample Size( :Name( "Sum(Started XXXX)" ) ),

KSigma( 3 ),

chart col( Eval( colname ), P )



//control chart frame and axis settings

pic = Expr(

rcc = cc << report;

rcc[framebox( 1 )] << Frame Size( 500, 250 );

rcc[framebox( 1 )] << X Axis(

Scale( Linear ),

Format( "Best" ),

Min( nrows()-24.5),

Max( nrows()+0.5),

Inc( 1 ),

Rotated Labels( 1 )


rcc[axisbox( 2 )] << Add Axis Label(

"p-charts from XXXX \!rGraphs Generated on"|| " "|| Long Date( Today() ) ||

"\!r All Traina "



New Window( "p-Chart Trending All XXXX, Chart-", Eval( pic ) ) << print window;


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