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How to Read File Metadata

I have a need to read a file metadata (specifically the "Date Created" information). The reason is that the .csv file I am opening has a column for "Time" but ironically not the date which means that if there are several entries spanning over a week of continuous data recording, there is no way of knowing which time entry is for which day.

If I can extract the "Date Created" information I most likely will be able to make use of the data (since entries are sequential with the first row being the first entry therefore the oldest time). Please let me know if extracting this information is possible either before or opening the file in JSL. If you have a code snippet it would be very helpful. Thanks.

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Re: How to Read File Metadata

Here is an example on how to read the file creation date.  It is the example from:

     Help==>Scripting Index==>Creation Date

Names Default To Here( 1 );

Format(   Creation Date( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" ), "ddmonyyyy:h:m:s");