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How to Create a Map

How to create a Map?

I have had a study on JMP help about how to create Map by graph builder,
such as GongDong province, China.

I found these data related to create Map such name data and
coordinate data as below; and I paste them into windows: C:\Program

After that, I use the name data sheet and drag the column of
NAME2004 into shape zone, I failed to create that map.

Based on above scenario, experts, who can guide me out of this
trouble? Thanks you not enough!

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Re: How to Create a Map

I think my paper from SAS Global Forum a couple of years ago might help clear things up.

Here's a link.

Create Compelling Visualizations with Geographic Data and JMP® 9

While it references JMP 9, the techniques are the same for JMP 10 and JMP 11.

I'm also attaching the PDF.


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