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How do you write JSL script to handle JMP alert with stepwise fit?

I have a JSL script that loops through over 100 least squared fits with personality stepwise.  Most of the models are created without a problem, but a few encounter 'Stepwise is cycling'. 

The log shows the following until I escape out.

'Stepwise is cycling.  Continue?

Reset cycle counts?

Stepwise is cycling. Continue?

Reset cycle counts?'



How would I script a response to 'cancel' if this JMP Alert is triggered?  my jsl lines in the for loop are below. 



current data table(dt);
insert into (y, :column(i));
insert into (ef, varexpr);
obj=expr(Fit model());
insert into (obj, nameexpr(y));
insert into (obj, nameexpr(ef));
insert into (obj, nameexpr(st));
insert into (obj, nameexpr(rn));
fit= obj<<finish;
sm = fit << Make Model;
fit2 = sm << Run Model;





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