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How do you do a non-linear regression?

Hello.  My first post. 

In the JMP Help files, there is a file called "US" which is discussed in Chapter 23 of Stat & Graph.

This file has 3 columns, Year, Population, and X-formula.

Where and how did the X-formula column come to exist?

More specifically, if all I have are the Year and Population columns, and I want JMP to give me the best non-linear regression formula, how do I do this?

Thank you in advance.

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How do you do a non-linear regression?

To perform non-linear regression in JMP go to the Analyze menu and select Modeling>Nonlinear.

In general you have to specify a parameterised functional form of the equation, and then the analysis finds best estimates of the parameters.  The functional form is typically based on domain knowledge.  The use of nonlinear modelling for the US Population data table is described in the Modeling and Multivatariate Methods book accessible via the help menu.


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