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How do I sum non incrementing parts against tool?


Just a quick one, its late and I cant figure it out.

In have several columns but for the main data I am trying to pull here is just 3 of them.

Tool, Transaction time, part number created  - So basically the Tool name shows for anything from 2 to 40 rows of the parts created on this tool but the part numbers are all different (not doubling up and not incremental all unique). What I want to do is capture sum totals of the parts created on each tool in the time frame I pull the data for. Also when pull the data is it possible to set it to return the time of the first part created?

So looking for something along these lines.

Tool          Trans Time          Sum Part Number

JCB          02:05                    32

Thanks for looking..

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Re: How do I sum non incrementing parts against tool?

You may try this,

Proc SQL;

   Select Tool,

              Min(TransTime) /* Should give you the first Trans Time */

              count(partnum) /* Number of Parts made per tool */

    from   <data>

    Where Trans Time = <Custom Filter>

     Group by Tool;


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