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How do I stop reference lines from disappearing?

I'm trying to apply multiple reference lines to multiple plots, and I run into issue with them disappearing every time I have to go back and change anything in column properties.


I pick 2 columns, click on Standardize Attributes, then Column Properties, then Axis, Set Default Axis Settings.

I choose my minimum and max, and apply 5 reference lines, which is a lot of work.

When I go to plot y by x I usually see the reference lines, but the axis scale is screwed up on all of the plots - it's not what I had set up, but seems to be automatic scale based on the values of the graph. It is tedious to click on every one of the graphs (there are 8) to change the axis min and max, but I haven't found the way to do them all at once without going back to column properties.

OK, I go back to fix the axis scale in the column properties, and all of the reference lines setting disappear. 

How can I convince JMP to save my settings instead of deleting them every time I need to adjust anything in column attributes?




Re: How do I stop reference lines from disappearing?

You started a second discussion with the same content. I answered the first discussion.

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