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How do I show values in a "map shapes" graph builder plot

I would like to show values in addition to colors in a map. Using a custom map creator from Mike Anderson I have created wafer maps for different designs. When plotting data using these map shapes it is easy to assign colors to each value - it is done by default. However in addition to have a legend which gives you a rough idea of the values which the colors represents I woud like to show the actual value in each zone (in this case each die). I can turn on labeling for the "color by" column and then label each row, but then I get the row value - NOT the data actually representing the color. 

For example, if the summary statistics shown is Mean, then I want the label to be the Mean. And if I change the summary statistics to be N then I also want N to be displayed in the individual zones.

Any way to achieve this? 



Re: How do I show values in a "map shapes" graph builder plot

Hello - were you ever able to solve this? I would love to display the "averages" for each of the states on my JMP map to add additional detail without needing to hover over it

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