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How do I get started with JMP?

How could I start?

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Re: Start

The question is a little vague. Without further context I'll assume you mean how can you start learning about JMP.


The good news is that you've found an excellent first resource in the JMP User Community. Stay in touch here and search for answers to questions you may have.


The next thing to do is to complete the JMP New User Welcome Kit at You'll find a bit more than 2 hours of videos and lots of activities to get you a good foundation in JMP.


You can also register for one of our weekly Getting Started with JMP Webcasts at These are held every Friday afternoon. You'll also find an OnDemand version of the webcast at


Next, check out our Mastering JMP Webcast series at These are held weekly on Friday afternoons also and will build on the foundation you get from the New User Welcome Kit and the Getting Started Webcast.


Finally, be sure to subscribe to the JMP Newswire at This monthly email newsletter will keep you informed about new versions, new tools and new ways to learn about JMP.


Welcome to the JMP User Community!


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Re: Start

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your quick answer. I really appreciate that.

I will go through these resources and then follow up with you in case I need more clarifications.

Yours sincerely,

Yassin Ismaeel

West Virginia University

Morgantown/ West Virginia

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