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How can i close the stepwise window after run the model with JSL

Dear All,

Here i perform a Stepwise regression analysis and run my new model,then close the Fit Model dialog window.

The problem is still a fitness stepwise window is open. See the attached file. How can i add additional code to open this window and just keep the final report window open.

Thank you in advance

dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/" );

fit = dt << Fit Model(

Y( :Oxy ),

Effects( :Weight, :Runtime, :RunPulse, :RstPulse, :MaxPulse


Personality( Stepwise ),

Run Model( Prob to Enter( 0.2 ),

Direction( Mixed ),

Prob to Leave( 0.2 ) )


fit << Finish;

sm = fit << Make Model;

sm << Run Model;

Model Dialog[1] << Close Window;

Model Dialog[1] << Close Window;

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