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How To Embed Report/Graph on Webpage


About a year and a half ago I watched a JMP demo by an SAS representative showing off a new feature that enabled a person to embed a JMP live, database fed, graph/table/etc onto a webpage. This way people could logon to an internal site and see the latest data plotted/reported on.

I've been looking for information on how to embed JMP data into a webpage with no success at all. I currently generate reports with data from a database using a script on a daily basis, but this would be nice to have and make reporting less of a chore.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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How To Embed Report/Graph on Webpage

I would also be interested in web-based JMP plots as I use daily reports as well.

Thanks in advance,


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How To Embed Report/Graph on Webpage

With respect to the demo the phrase "smoke and mirrors" comes to mind.  I suspect the intent of the demo was to demonstrate the art-of-the-possible rather than to illustrate specific function designed for this purpose.

Having said that, lets think about what needs to be done.  A web page is just (typically) an HTML file on a web server, and it will contain links to graphics files also stored on the server.  From the point of view of a web application these resources are accessed using a URL but they are still just files on a disk and can be accessed as such.  Therefore if a have an HTNL page referencing an image file, then if I save a new graph (from JMP) to the web server file structure, with the same name, then the image will automatically be updated when the web page is accessed (subject to caching rules for the page). 

So to summarise, all you need to do is to save output from JMP into an image format (JPG, PNG, etc) and ensure it has the correct name and location as expected by the web page.  This presumes that you have sufficient priveleges to access the web server and that it is readily accessible through the OS.




How To Embed Report/Graph on Webpage

There are a few JMP platforms that can export to a Flash SWF file, which can be embedded in a web page or PowerPoint. Those exports are interactive in supporting brushing, zooming, etc. The platforms with that feature are:

  • Bubble Plot
  • Profiler
  • Distribution (histograms)

All JMP views support Save As HTML, which produces static web pages.

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