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Help with repeated structure using Mixed Model

I would like to use the mixed model platform to analyse my data, which is a repeated measures design.

My "subject" in the "Repeated Structure" is Chemistry*Rep. However, I'm not able to cross them (Rep and Chemistry), and therefore add it as a "subject". And the "Repeated" should be "Sampling No". I think the structure should be AR1.


My question is: how can I properly run my data using the Mixed model platform and defining to JMP which is the repeated structure and the subject? (See pictures, please)


Thank you,


PS:I have some sort of JMP Pro version, but it seems like I don't have all the features.

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Re: Help with repeated structure using Mixed Model

I suggest you read the documentation on Mixed Models and Repeated Measures in the "Fitting Linear Models" documentation

     Help==>Books==>Fitting Linear Models

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