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Nov 7, 2018

Help with graphing ELISA data

Hey guys,

I just started using the JMP pro 14 software on a mac and an still trying to figure out how to use the software. I'm trying to get my ELISA data to resemble the attached graph. I cant seem to figure how out to group my data in such a way and am wondering if its even possible. 

ELISA data.jpeg


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Feb 10, 2013

Re: Help with graphing ELISA data

It is all about understanding the JMP data table (remember a JMP data table is not a spreadsheet). The key is that each sample is a row in the data table with columns that describe the sample. Each type of descirptor (sample id, lot, instrument, week, etc.) gets its own colum.  So again row = sample, columns for values and descriptors of the sample. Make sense?  Once you have that set up just start dropping and dragging in graph builder and then you can move on to analysis platforms.