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Help with JMP connection between two charts

  1. Hello together, I am from Germany and i have a huge problem and I can`t find any support here so I thought maybe I can try it here.

My Problem is this : I have two excel charts with patients with their birthyday and other information about a tumor. In this chart there are about 800 patients.

Than there is a second excel chart with around 2000 patients but also the exact 800 patients from the first excel chart and a lot more information about these patients.  Every patient in the second chart has a number and a slot with information about the colour. Both informations I have to copy in the first excel chart.

I have the information that this is possible with JMP but I cant find anything how it works. I am really desperated and would be really glad if someone could help me a little bit.

Have a nice day and greetings from germany

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Re: Help with JMP connection between two charts

We'd be glad to help you.  Can you post:

  • Some sample data (anonymized)
  • Pictures of the charts

That would be a big help.

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