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Help: getting "The System Cannot Find the File Specified"

I'm trying to install JMP 8.0.1 (older version of JMP). I'm getting "The System Cannot Find the File Specified".

I'm running Windows 7 Professional. I installed the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Java(TM) Platform, Standard Edition Runtime Environment Version 6, and 64 bit version of Java Development Kit.

I'm looking for any help to fix this.

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Re: Help: getting "The System Cannot Find the File Specified"

That message should be independent of whether you have Java installed or not.

When do you see that message? Is it when you click setup.exe or some time later?

Does the JMP setup program start at all?

If not, are you installing directly from the media / download or possibly from a network copy? If a network install, did all the files get copied?
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Re: Help: getting "The System Cannot Find the File Specified"

Any more information on this error? I am also seeing this error when running the installation on a Windows 7 x64 machine that has JRE (x86) installed on it. The error is seen during the installation procedure when the SAS created setup.exe is trying to execute jre-6u20-windows-i586-s.exe*32 (as seen in the task manager). The setup freezes at this point, if "OK" is clicked on the error dialog box then the setup seems to complete and the program can be launched. If I remove the JRE from the machine, then run the setup.exe from SAS the installation completes without error.
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