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Help for a small university project on JMP13 pro


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Dec 26, 2016

Hello All, 

I have a small project for the university (to be reported in no more than 5 pages plus appendeces)

I have to do some data analysis using JMP for a specific problem, and  i need some advice,

Report is to be submitted in 4 days, and i dont have a strong background in data gathering and aggergation, i need inspiration for a simple idea i can run some analyses on and most importantly, a source for data bases ready or nearly ready to use with JMP


i would really appreciate any help, ideas or inspiraion about the project and data sources.


many thanks in adcance and best regards.




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Jun 22, 2012

JMP is installed with a large number of sample data tables. Go to:
Help==>Sample Data
and you will find many items that you can use




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Nov 7, 2016

If none of the JMp datasets do it for you, the US census Bureau also publishes its data, though it is not quite JMP ready. 


Here is income data: