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Help editing a JSL file

I am a SAS programmer, but have no experience in JMP. 

Our company is trying to revive an old JMP -to- javascript -to- Anylogic process that was written about 8-10 years ago. The process is a simulation/traffic flow experiment. We have an Anylogic expert, a java script programmer, but we're having trouble reading the .JSL script coming from JMP.  Our key problem appears to be that the latest ANYLOGIC version has deprecated a number of table names that the .JSL file is referencing.  Need to update the .JSL file so that its pointing to the new ANYLOGIC tables.  


Is anybody on this forum interested in working on this offline, please let me know.  Thanks!



Re: Help editing a JSL file

I asked some JSL experts about your question. One suggestion I got was is to use the JMP Mentoring Services:


Another idea is to get this book Jump into JMP Scripting, 2ndEd.:


Also check out this blog post for resources on JSL:

Read the JMP Blog:
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Re: Help editing a JSL file

I am available for freelance work.  PM me if interested.

-- Cameron Willden
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