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Help Key in Tree structure



What is the purpose of Help Key in Tree structure and how do I use it?

What is the purpose of Colors(red/green Outlinebox{1}) in Tree Structure?


Thank you.

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Re: Help Key in Tree structure

While I'm not totally clear on the exact nature of HelpKey, it does seem to provide a more robust way of navigating the display tree than doing something like window["Fit Least Squares"] because if someone has a different language setting and runs your script, that outline box is not going to be named "Fit Least Squares" anymore.  But, HelpKey does not change with the language setting.  Typically, I have seen people selecting a display box using HelpKey with Xpath().

The colors seem to be a logical indicator if the box is open/closed for outline boxes or hidden/shown for if boxes.

I'm sure others on this forum, especially the developers, will have much more precise information about these 2 things.

-- Cameron Willden
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