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Help Comparing Two Sets of Dichotomous Survey Lists

Hello everybody!

So I'm used to coding things by hand, but with colleagues and students, I'm trying to use SAS JMP to do something simple....

I have a survey of seven items. The survey is dichotomous, so each item is either a "0" or a "1." Around 500 students filled out this survey and their teachers did, as well.

1. I'd like to know how to run some sort of analysis on this type of dichotomous set to determine if there are related "sets" of the 1-7 items that seem to group together well or not. I have no clue how JMP handles these things.

I'll take recommendations for any different types of methods... cluster.. factorial...dimensional reduction... you name it! Just let me know how you think I should format the data and I'll be good to go!

2. I'd like to compare the student responses to the responses of the teachers. The teachers could be treated as an "expert" set (so a biserial analysis or something of that sort would be appropriate,) or just a different set of data with different combinations.

That's it! I'm just a newbie here and couldn't really find what I was looking for outside of base SAS documentation on list analysis, which is familiar to me.



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