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HTML output from a journal


I am currently using a journal to collect several JMP reports, then saving it as HTML for distribution (all by JSL).

Is it possible to add my own HTML code (for example, to display an image such as a company logo from a file, not from inside JMP)? I have tried adding text boxes with the code, for example:

But when JMP saves the journal as HTML it converts the various special characters into their escape sequences. Unfortunately, I can't show the resultant code here because the browser helpfully converts those escape sequences into characters again (without executing the instructions they contain).

Does anyone know if it's possible to export the special characters as they are without being converted into escape sequences? Or is there a way to import an image into JMP and save that into the journal?

Please let me know if this makes any sense!



Re: HTML output from a journal

You can drag-n-drop pictures into a new empty journal, then save the journal. Use the journalbox to insert the journal containing a picture:

new window("test",

If size is a concern, you can hand-edit the JRN and remove the WINPICT data (keep the PNG data). You could also cut and paste the journal contents into the script in place of the loadtextfile(...)

Last, you may want to journal the report window. Then, you could save it as a journal or an html. The icons are embedded in JMP and cannot be extended at run time.

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