Grouping Columns

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I'm working on modifying the following line of code. The line of code was generating using the get script command and it works fine.

Group Columns(:Name("Return Loss Worst Margin Pair 1 Near End"), 8);

I would like to generate a code statement that would pass in a variable (input7) that takes this form:

Group Columns(input7, 8);

The code defining input7 is provided below:

dq = Hex to Char("22");
lc = Hex to Char("28");
rc = Hex to Char("29");
input7=Concat(":Name",lc,dq,"Return Loss Worst Margin Pair 1 Near End",dq,rc);

The write command displays the following output for input7:
:Name("Return Loss Worst Margin Pair 1 Near End")

However, when I execute the following code:

Group Columns(input7, 8);

The following error msg is returned:
JMP cannot determine the columns to be grouped from the given script.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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Re: Grouping Columns

Your group columns statement needs a middle argument which is the first of the 8 columns you want to group.

dt << group columns(input7, :My First Column, 8);
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Re: Grouping Columns

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