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Grouping Columns and performing Stats on those columns

Hey guys,

I have 4 variables against one response I want to test. I have some data already and will be doing some more data collection soon.

Currently my table is organized as follows

Var 1 Var 2 Var 3 Var 4 Res 1 Res 2 Res 3 Res 4 Res 5

Res 1 - Res 5 are my response values every minute. I would like to perform stats on the columns Res 1 - Res 5 with the given set of process variables, but I cannot figure out a way to do that.

Any help?
Just a guess but if the responses are not sequence dependent, then you could stack the responses and do a Standard Least Squares Fit Model with the variables as the effects and a single response variable. If sequence is important you could stack responses and model by time series.