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Graph and Distribution Plots (Where <filter name>)

If you have a graph and/or distribution plots that are associated to different filter states, is there a way to grab that specific filter state and save that to a power point instead of having to save ALL the filter conditions?


I have one column of test data that I need to plot and save with the following test conditions.

Channel = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}

Test State = {1, 2, 3}

Filter State = {1, 2}

In its current state, that is 60 plots that have to be plotted and saved. I would like to be able to select 1 condition (Channel = 1, Test State = 3, Filter State = 1) and save that plot. I would like to be able to select this from a Filter Condition that i have set up.

In the picture you can see that a single plot for [NF] [CH 8]. As i said before, right now i have to print all iterations:

[NF] [CH 1]

[NF] [CH 2]

[NF] [CH 3]

[NF] [CH 4]

[NF] [CH 5]

[NF] [CH 6]

[NF] [CH 7]

[NF] [CH 8]

[NF] [CH 9]


I hope this makes sense. I am having a hard time communicating this.


Thank You







Re: Graph and Distribution Plots (Where <filter name>)

You are talking about scripted saving? Using the interactive approach I only get the one graph into my ppt plus the filter conditions in additional slides, but not all the different potentially filtered graphs.
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