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Graph Builder feature request - select by legend when coloring

This may already exist, but I would love it to be able to select rows based on the legend in graph builder.   I know it's possible to do when the graph is in overlay, but I'd like to select rows when it's just color.  If it's continuous I imagine just being able to drag a box over the legend since there are no discrete levels.   If nominal, just select like you do overlay.   Overlay is nice; but to my knowledge, it doesn't allow you to change the number of levels when it's continuous like color does.  Plus there are some graphical issues when you're just trying to color. 

If this already exists, I'd love to know what I'm doing wrong. 

Vince Faller - Predictum
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Re: Graph Builder feature request - select by legend when coloring

In JMP 12, discrete legends can be used to perform selection, and also reflect the current selection when performed through the data table or graph:


In the continuous case, you might consider using the Data Filter to do the selection.  Dragging in the legend is a good suggestion, but the filter provides a lot of control over endpoints that might be useful..

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