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Graph Builder: Remove Contour lines

Is there a way to remove the contour lines from contour plots?  I want to see the colors for each level but not the countour lines between the colors.  I would like to creat a plot with ~1000 levels but when i do this all I see is the contour lines.

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Re: Graph Builder: Remove Contour lines

I do not see a way to remove the contour lines in the graph builder. Have you tried using the Contour Plot command under the graph menu? In my few quick trials the platform showed some promise to give the behavior that I think you are after.


From contour plot:

Contour Plot.png


From Graph Builder:

Graph Builder.png


Of course with 1000 levels the legends are HUGE. I think the human eye will have trouble distinguishing between all of those 1000 different colors. I don't see anyway around either of those issues since the graph does ultimately need to display the information.

Dan Obermiller
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