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Graph Builder Prediction Profiler not working Interactive HTML JMP12 Mac


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Sep 29, 2014

Dear All,

I am trying to build the Revenue Budget of our company in Profiler which would help the MD for gettting quick answers to his "what if" questions and optimization.

I started with a very simple data to get the Profiler logic right, but the Interactive HTML output is not working.

Any ideas?

many thanks in advance


Super User


Jun 23, 2011

Hold the cursor over the graph and it will say "This feature is not yet interactive". That is, it is not supposed to work now, but it may be implemented in future upgrades.

(Meanwhile, let your MD install JMP and create journals or add-ins for him to play with...)



Nov 21, 2014

I dug into your file a little bit there and total's columns are what are causing your issue.  Drop them from the profiler and it will export fine.  I think the issue is that dependent equations, i.e. Total Rev depends on the settings of the two monthly Rev profilers, aren't supported.  That said, getting your MD to install JMP would open up a lot of possibilities for reporting through the application builder.






Jul 2, 2014

One other option is to make your profiler and then save the expanded formulas under the red hot spot.  Make a new profiler out of the expanded formulas and then save that as interactive HTML.  Agree with the others that getting MD to install JMP would open lots of possibilities.10177_2015-10-12_7-34-22.jpg