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Graph Builder Parse Problem

I've built an application using tabulate functions, overlay plots, and a graph builder plot using a Parse statement because, depending upon user selections, column names and number of columns, etc will be different.  The parse statements are working as expected, with the exception of the graph builder parse statement.

JMP makes the plot, but the fine tuning, such as color, graph title, etc., are throwing errors and I can't figure out why.  See my code attached.  Thanks!

The errors I'm getting are:

Cannot find ScaleBox[ "time_stamp" ] at {}

Cannot find ScaleBox[ "400" ] at {}

Cannot find TextEditBox[ "graph title" ] at {}

Graph Builder[]

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Re: Graph Builder Parse Problem

Can you post the script contained in the ParseTab3 variable?

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Re: Graph Builder Parse Problem

For( p = 1, p <= NItems(ShortVar), p++,


          p == 1, Parse2 = " Y( :"||ShortVar

||" ) ",

          Parse2 = Parse2 || ", Y( :"||ShortVar

||" ) "



I've found that part of the problem:  When I built the original in graph builder, I had 4 ShortVar items, but when I started expanding it to use with other systems that had 5 ShortVar items, it wasn't finding the correct number in the "Legend Model" under "Send to Report".  I have changed that number to a variable equal to the number of ShortVar items.

I was trying to build this using the Tree Structure, but that's very confusing, especially when the number of variables will be changing.

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