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Level III

Graph Builder- Different height charts possible?

When using graph builder to plot Y's vs X, with several different Y's stacked with their own independant axis... (Y1 & Y2 vs X)
Is there any way to change the height of the graph panes independantly? (For example plot Y1 twice as high as Y2).
When adjusting the height of a graph with the cursor, all panes adjust to the same amount. Similar response when entering size manually with graph>size/scale.

//example based on "big class" sample data
Graph Builder(
Size( 559, 417 ),
Variables( X( :age, Size( 0, 21 ) ), Y( :height, Size( 0, 22 ) ), Y( :weight ) ),
Elements( Position( 1, 1 ), Points( X, Y, Legend( 8 ), Jitter( 1 ) ) ),
Elements( Position( 1, 2 ), Points( X, Y, Legend( 9 ), Jitter( 1 ) ) )