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Glyph in Heatmap Display


is there a way to render something more sophisticated in the heatmap display, such as a glyph.

The glyph would be positioned in the corresponding cell and would allow to see more values at the same time.

I'm thinking about an inner-outer rectangle glyph such as here (left most part)


Thanks Michael


Re: Glyph in Heatmap Display

I was thinking it's not possible because Graph Builder can only have one color variable and doesn't overlay heat maps, but then I tried combining square markers with a heat map, and it creates the desired effect. I'm not sure if it works perceptually, but you can experiment with different size/marker combinations to see if can get your message across.

The main trick is to assign colors to the rows (with Rows > Color or Mark by Column) and tell the Points element in Graph Builder to ignore the variable in the color role (Properties > Points > Variables > untick C2) so only the heat map element uses it. Script below.


New Table( "double heat",

  New Column( "X1", Nominal, Set Values( Mod( 0 :: 59, 6 ) + 1 ) ),

  New Column( "X2", Nominal, Set Values( Floor( (0 :: 59) / 6 ) + 1 ) ),

  New Column( "S1", Formula( Random Uniform() ) ),

  New Column( "C1", Formula( Random Uniform() ) ),

  New Column( "C2", Formula( :C1 + Random Normal() / 5 ) )


Current Data Table() << Run Formulas();

// change the rows to use square markers (could be anything)

For Each Row( Row State( Row() ) = Marker State( "Filled Square" ) );

// Color each row marker based on column C1

Current Data Table() << Color by Column( :C1, Color Theme( "Blue to Gray to Red" ) );

Graph Builder(

  Size( 257, 422 ), Show Control Panel( 0 ),

  Variables( X( :X1 ), Y( :X2 ), Color( :C2 ), Size( :S1 ) ),


  Heatmap( X, Y, Legend( 13 ) ),

  Points( X, Y, Color( 0 ), Legend( 12 ) )


  SendToReport( Dispatch( {}, "400", ScaleBox,

  {Legend Model( 12, Properties( 0, {Marker Size( 6 )} ) )}

  ) )


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