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Get a .gif to actually run?

Does anyone know how to get a .gif to actually run in a jmp window?  From what I can tell this should work:

img = New Image( "$SAMPLE_IMAGES/progress.gif" );

New Window( "new image 1", img );

But JMP displays a static image.  If you use a command like:

image << Set Current Frame(4);

This should update the image, which it does, but very very slowly. I generally have to wait up to a minute+ to see the change.

As a work around I'm displaying the image in a web browser box, but this isn't ideal.

//this doesn't work?

try(New Window( "new image 2", Web Browser Box("$SAMPLE_IMAGES/progress.gif") ));

//using the full image path does?

New Window( "new image 3", Web Browser Box("C:\Program Files\SAS\JMPPRO\12\Samples\Images\progress.gif") );

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