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German Umlaute not displayed in JMP 13


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Dec 7, 2017

Hi, I get from our survey Tool Focus Vision Decipher data files .sav which I open in JMP. Unfortunately Umlaute are not displayed on the right way. Can anyone can give me an add-in for replacing these (see attached file) or an idea what to do.



Jun 23, 2011



SPSS import in JMP currently only supports ASCII character data.  We hope to support UTF-8 encoding SAV files in the future.  If your SAV file is UTF-8 and you would be willing to share it with JMP Tech Support (, it would be helpful in the development of this feature.


I'm sorry, I don't have a script to convert the characters, although I think it would be possible.


Brian Corcoran

JMP Development




Jul 10, 2014

Hi raescha,


for the sake being, this script might help:

Names Default To Here( 1 );
//dt = Open("problem_mit_umlauten");
dt = Current Data Table();

nr = nrows(dt);
col_names = dt << Get Selected Columns (String);// get column names (String);
for (i = 1, i <= nitems(col_names), i++,
    one_col = column(dt, col_names[i]);
    for (k = 1, k <= nr, k++,
        one_col[k] = substitute(one_col[k], "ä", "ä"); // Replace to ä 
        one_col[k] = substitute(one_col[k], "ü", "ü"); // Replace to ü
    colName = substitute(col_names[i], "ä", "ä");  // ColName Replace to ä 
    colName = substitute(colName, "ü", "ü");    	// ColName Replace to ü
    column(dt, col_names[i]) << Set Name(colName);	// Rename Column


It takes the selected (character) columns of your current data table and substitutes the bad interpretation with Umlaute. The for loop looks into every row of the selected column, after the for loop it also checks the column name.


In your case there are just two variations of misinterpretated umlauts, more you can add in a similar fashion.

Adding this script into your Menu as a menu item can ease your life (need not to search for the script again and again :) )

Hope this helps.





Jul 10, 2014

This works for many, however sometimes there are signs not known for whatever reason. Those will have simply a "?". This can be an Ü, sometimes an Ä or É or something else. So ? needs to be replaced in a different manner. You could use Recode to change those words. Or Find and Replace on the data table.