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Generate out chart from subset tables and excel file


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Feb 27, 2017


I have done to create the script for the subset data table which is from big dataset.

In my script, I have use the target and sigma value to generate out 4 new columns. So, now I want use the 4 new columns that created and the data from excel file(parameters, target, sigma, and family device)to generate out the charts.

How can I generate out the variability chart based on the subset data tables(from the big dataset---> small dataset) and from excel file?

Because I cannot hard coding(meant in future i might have N rows in the excel), so the data i need extract from the excel files.

But now I have face one problems is when i put the script for the variability chart inside the Eval expr function, it can generate out the chart for every row data in the excel.

but then for my chart, I only want to do  5 family device out of 10 rows in the excel file(bcos each family device has 2 parameter), so how can I make it for not to generate out the chart for each rows of data in the excels file.(attach 2 photo)

And also, I still cannot generate out the chart for the 4 new columns that i created.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?


Below is my script:


photo 1.1.png




Jun 23, 2011

Resolved via email.