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Apr 15, 2017

Gene selection for gene expression set reduction

Dear JMP-Community,


I'm using JMP 13.1 and i wondered if there is a solution for my problem: Im currently working on gene expression urothelial bladder cancer and i found an interesting gene expression cluster of about 100 genes. Now i want to reduce this cluster to lower number of genes, but i dont know how i could perform this with JMP. Is there any statistical possibility in JMP to investigate a reduced number of genes with an optimal fit towards the larger gene cluster?


Kind regards,





May 28, 2014

Re: Gene selection for gene expression set reduction

HI Markus,

In JMP 13 there is something called Cluster Variables. That might help with the 100 or so genes you have. Or you can use on the larger set while at the same time marking the 100 gene list with a marker or color so that you know where they fall within the Cluster Variables platform. Check out the help on this:

Hope that helps,

Chris Kirchberg