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Freezing the display

Is there a way from within JSL to "freeze" the screen until a number of calculations have been completed, and then to "unfreeze" it again once they've been completed?

I'm asking because I have a number of fast but rather messy calculations which flash copies of some intermediate data tables on the screen while the calculations are being performed. I've reduced this flickering as much as I can by making some of these tables invisible, minimizing their windows as soon as they're created or converting them into matrices to carry out the actual calculations, but there are some tabulations that I can't easily eliminate this way, and I want to prevent the user from seeing them because it looks inelegant.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Re: Freezing the display

To suppress the screen refreshes of a table whilst you are performing updates to it, you can use the following syntax:

myTable << Begin Data Update;

{do updates here....}

myTable << End Data Update;

Re: Freezing the display

Thanks - that's helped a lot - and I think I've worked out how to kill off the remaining flickering tabulations by using a "summary" command with the "invisible" option instead of what I was previously doing.

Many thanks!